Sales Mastery Skills Training Bundle

Your customer conversations need to win at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Selling today isn’t about a predictable process that prospects and customers take to buy something. In the deciding journey, your buyers are weighing a series of key questions they need to answer for themselves before they feel comfortable enough to make decisions. Your ability to answer these questions – not your ability to run a prescriptive“sales process” – is what separates winners from losers in today’s hyper-competitive markets.

The Sales Mastery Training Series

Our research proves there’s a unique buyer psychology going on in each of these moments that requires you to have specific stories and skills to give them the right answer.

It’s called situational fluency. Your ability to know which question needs to be answered and having the right message and delivery approach every time. Only Sales Mastery will help you answer each of the key customer questions required to win, keep and grow more business.

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~6 hours

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It’s a Deciding Journey not a Buying Journey

  • Why Change? Why You?
    Convince them they need to do something different and do it with you. This helps you create more opportunities rather than waiting for someone to figure it out for themselves.
  • Why Invest? Why Now?
    Helps them decide rather than defer a decision. This means you will close more of the opportunities you create instead of having them go quiet and disappear into a black hole.
  • Why Pay? Why Sign?
    Shows them why your solution is worth a premium price -- even if it is more expensive than the competition. This helps you manage the tension of negotiations rather than cave to the pressure.
  • Why Stay? Why Evolve?
    Reinforce your value with existing customers to ensure they stick with you and buy more from you. This helps expand your business with faster, lower-cost add-on sales.

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We've partnered with Corporate Visions to transform the customer conversation in so many different ways...They've helped us to dig deep and truly reflect upon what makes us special.
Tom Arnold-
- Andrea Armstrong
VP Global Commercial Operations
AON Hewitt
Our challenge was transitioning our sales people from product to solution, and even to business outcomes. Corporate Visions was able to translate that into an entire learning program that really nailed it for us.
Eduardo Eguerra -
- Rica Lieberman
Director of Sales

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