Create Value Skills Training

Overcome buyer inaction and differentiate your solutions

Your prospects prefer to do nothing because they think that’s safer than change. This makes it difficult to dislodge incumbents, build your pipeline, and keep deals moving along.

Create Value Skills positions you to reverse that perception. You’ll discover how to bring a disruption-minded story to life with differentiation strategies rooted in decision science and backed by a tested and proven methodology.

The Sales Mastery Training Series

What if you could...

  • Create more pipeline by getting customers to do something different?
  • Turn your selling conversations into experiences that differentiate you?

Create Value Skills gives you science-backed concepts and techniques to disrupt your prospect’s status quo and create a buying vision.  This experience blends self-paced training with hands-on activities working on actual opportunities to equip you to motivate prospects to change and choose you.

You can complete the entire training online when it works best with your schedule.

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Online Training Length

~6 hours

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Two-Part Program

Create Value Skills is delivered in two parts, focused on two early stage buyer decisions, Why Change and Why You.

The Why Change part of the story targets situations where:

  • Your pipeline is tracking below target
  • You have a high number of ‘no decision’ deals
  • You need a disruptive strategy to displace competitors

The Why You part of the story targets situations where:

  • Customers see no difference between you and your competitors
  • You’re operating in a highly commoditized market
  • Your reps struggle to articulate value vs. features & benefits

Every Business Buying Decision Comes Down To Two Questions

If any of these situations sound all too familiar, then you are probably struggling with lost opportunities, wasted sales efforts, and eroding margins…Are too many of your deals ending in no decision? Are your reps jumping into the “why you” conversation before you’ve convinced prospects why they need to change? Are you getting into too many competitive bake-offs and feature-function battles during the business buying process, causing decision makers to end up choosing the lower priced option?

You need to Create Value Skills. This unique selling skills course from Corporate Visions is based on decision-making science that helps you defeat the status quo with a great “why change” story, creating real differentiation and establishing a buying vision.

Give your salespeople the ability to have compelling, differentiated conversations at every stage of the buying cycle. Learn more by downloading our Solution Brief now.

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We've partnered with Corporate Visions to transform the customer conversation in so many different ways...They've helped us to dig deep and truly reflect upon what makes us special.
Tom Arnold-
- Andrea Armstrong
VP Global Commercial Operations
AON Hewitt
Our challenge was transitioning our sales people from product to solution, and even to business outcomes. Corporate Visions was able to translate that into an entire learning program that really nailed it for us.
Eduardo Eguerra -
- Rica Lieberman
Director of Sales

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